On the 13th September in one, 24-hour period, 24 of the world’s greatest Hypnotherapists and Hypnotists donated their time and came together to teach how to utilise trance/hypnosis. More than 400 people donated over £7000 to Save The Children to get access to this live event. The generosity and kindness was incredible. Everyone agreed that Trance Aid will become a yearly event. Thank you for your support

Thank you from my heart
Freddy Jacquin



Derry Cooke – James Tripp – Nicholas Spohn – Brett Cameron – Sandra Grace – Faye Lawand-Maclean – Beryl Comar – Anthony Jacquin – Chris Thompson – Alberto Rezende Del’Isola – Ines Maria Antonia Simpson – Matt Hale – Rob De Groof – Victoria Marie Gallagher – Lori Hammond – Kaz Riley – Michael C Anthony – Richard Hill – Karl Smith – Jason Linett – Kathy Gruver – Marina Kostina – Freddy Jacquin


Derry Cooke – New Zealand

Topic: Remodeling Depression and Anxiety

Faye Lawand – New Zealand

Topic: Relaxation Made Easy

Brett Cameron – Australia

Topic: Creative Metaphors in Trance

Richard Hill – Australia

Topic: Mirroring Hands – the one approach that works for every client and every problem.

Matt Hale – Australia

Topic: The Power of Probably: Am I the Next James Bond?!

Anthony Jacquin – England

Topic: The Kashmir Techniques: No Self Hypnosis, Contemplation, and Self-Enquiry.

James Tripp – Scotland

Topic: The Magic of Hypnosis is in The Magic.

Beryl Comar – Spain

Topic: How we approach Cyber Bullying

Kaz Riley – England

Topic: The EMBRACE Protocol

Lori Hammond & Freddy Jacquin (Double Bill)

1st Topic: Freddy, How to utilise the power of love and other positive emotions. 2nd Topic: Experience The Rejuvenation Therapy TPM protocol with a dual induction from Freddy and Lori.

Karl Smith – England

Topic: Content Free Hypnosis and Trauma

Rob De Groof – Belgium

Topic: Fast and Powerful Inductions

Lori Hammond – USA

Topic: Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to change your behavior and failing?

Jason Linett – USA

Topic: Hypnotic Questions for Deeper Rapport

Alberto Dell’iSola – Brazil

Topic: How to build a huge audience on the internet

Chris Thompson – Canada

Topic: How to be the best version of yourself.

Michael C Anthony – USA

Topic: Build Confidence and Influence While Having FUN!

Kathy Gruver – USA

Topic: Conquer your Stress, Go from Worrier to Warrior

Nicholas Spohn – USA

Topic: The 3 steps of Hypnotic Influence
Learn what REALLY drives human behavior.

Sandra Grace – USA

Topic: Manage Your Energy= Maximize Your Life (And Your Business)

Marina Kostina – USA

Topic: Heal Through Chaos.

Victoria Marie Gallagher – USA

Topic: Release Abundance Blocks

Ines Maria Antonia Simpson – Canada

Topic: The Simpson Protocol

Remember, every presenter has given their time and shared their skills freely, and every penny raised will go toward helping children that are suffering.

Thank you from my heart

PS: To help raise more money throughout the year, please do not share the link to this page with anyone.

To put your kind donation into perspective

£1 could treat 5 children suffering from Pneumonia, one of the biggest killers of children in South Sudan.

£3 could provide a weeks’ worth of water trucking for a displaced family in Yemen.

£14 could provide a hygiene kit to one household in Kenya.

£24 could help a Yemeni victim of gender-based violence by referring them to specialised services such as legal support, health services, or safe shelter.

£53 could provide a displaced family with basic food commodities for a whole month.

£85 could support one severely malnourished child with medicine, therapeutic food and other treatments at an outpatient clinic for a month in Ethiopia.